My mom took a fantastic photo of my nephew at what I believe to be a science museum.

Coinstar by PES

When I was a kid, my favorite record in the Guinness Book of World Records was the largest collection of pennies.

I also love stop animation.

(via Laughing Squid)

There's a new cover band in town: The Songsmiths

My friend Dave posted a video of The Police's Roxanne as reinterpreted by Microsoft's Songsmith.  From there, it was a tour through a bevy of other hit songs and their YouTube videos as re-"imagined" by this piece of software.

I really love Songsmith.  Despite (and probably a bit because of) the horribly great ad.  None of these remakes hold a candle to the originals, naturally, but it's fun to listen and watch.

Here's a few of the reinterpretations...

Enter Songsmith

Intergalactic Songsmith

Sgt. Pepper's


Tom Sawyer

If I Don't Six

These vids of Mule are taking me back to seeing them in Ann Arbor in 1994/1995.

Right after their set, Kevin Munro, busted from the stage to where I was standing in the back.  He pulled out a box of tees and merch and started duct taping a shirt to the brick wall.  He pulled the cigar out of his mouth that he'd been chomping on the whole show, handed it to me and said, "Here, hold this!  You can have some if you want it..."

Sound quality is perfect on these.