Building the Danger Hiptop

There's so much good stuff in here.

One of the best stories is that a hardware engineer came up with the Sidekick's famous swivel hinge on the day he was hired.  Start at 39:27 for that story.

via the hiptop blog

Snow Day

It's snowing in Brooklyn again.  Last week I got to experience a crazy amount of snow back in Michigan.

Chris Arace and Cory Pampalone made this great short, Snow Day, showing off Michigan's snow this season.

(thx @jimmyohio)

Hello Dad, I'm In Jail

I still remember my brother playing this song for me in his college dorm room back in '88/'89.  We both love this song.

Maybe needless to say, our parents don't share our love of it.

thx @seekoh & moodmat